Glass Wall Flood Control System

Find a visually pleasing, permanent flood control solution with IBS

The IBS glass wall flood control system (or flood glazing) is an ideal solution where permanent flood control is required but where a traditional floodwall would have a negative effect on the aesthetics of the surrounding area. The IBS glass wall system has been used to provide flood control extensively throughout Europe with individual panel lengths in excess of 9’10” and heights in excess of 6’7”.

The IBS glass wall flood control system is extremely robust and uses thesame aluminum support posts and EPDM rubber seals as our trusted IBS removable floodwall system. To name some of the benefits of our glass wall flood protection system, all parts are interchangeable, easily replaceable and the system is maintenance-free (apart from the occasional cleaning that might be required if panels experience a build-up of dirt).

Flow Control Systems

Glass Floodwall System

How do our glass walls provide high-strength flood protection? In order to meet the static and impact loads of each specific location, the IBS glass wall consists of two or more central structural glass panes (according to size and loads required), bonded together with intermediate layers made of highly tear-resistant, transparent polyvinyl-butyral foils (PVB). These structural panes are then protected by the use of “sacrificial” panes of glass, which are placed on either side of the structural glass during construction and bonded with PVB as well. These “sacrificial” panes are not included when calculating the strength of the glass floodwall, as their main purpose is to protect the structural panes from impacts and/or vandalism, thus ensuring that the integrity of the glass floodwall defense is maintained.

Glass Types

Another component that contributes to the robustness of our glass floodwalls is the glass itself. The two types of glass used in the construction of our glass wall flood control systems are: float glass (rolled glass) or pre-stressed glass (PG).

PG is made from float glass by controlled heating to approx. 620°C and subsequent fast cooling. The result is that PG has four to five times higher bending tensile strength than float glass and if it does break due to excess external force, it will disintegrate into blunt-edged, loosely connected crumbs that pose a much lesser risk of injury than the sharp-edged shards of float glass. Customers may want to take this into consideration when choosing a glass wall for their premises.

System Construction

IBS glass walls are engineered to be exceptionally sturdy and durable. The frame construction consists of extruded sections of aluminum with a profiled EPDM rubber seal (similar to that seen in double glazing units). The compound glass is surrounded on four sides by the frame construction mounts. The finished aluminum framed glass panel sits in an aluminum post at each end and is allowed to float between the two to accommodate construction tolerances, expansion and contraction.

Ideally, posts are evenly spaced along the length of the proposed floodwall to maintain a consistent glass panel length and improve the aesthetics of the glass floodwall system.

Load bearing capacity is an essential parameter for the construction of IBS glass walls. For higher static and impact loads, additional central supports can be added to the system that then disperse the load to the foundation wall (see image below).

Unobtrusive, permanent glass floodwall defense by IBS

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