Flood Control Products for Buildings

Protect your property from flooding with the flood control solutions from IBS

Recent studies report that flooding occurrences are on the rise in the U.S., so much that home and business owners are increasingly seeking out simple flood control solutions to protect their properties.

IBS provides a number of easy-to-use flood control methods, which are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial properties alike and include:

  • The IBS removable floodwall
  • Permanent hinged flood flaps
  • Removable flood plates

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Windows are protected from flood with demountable barriers

IBS Removable Floodwall

Removable floodwalls are a versatile solution for complete protection against flooding and can be installed to protect doors, windows, garages, driveways, roller doors and many more locations from the threat of damaging floodwater. The removable floodwall system is also easy to use with few component parts and can be installed quickly and safely by the user with just one standard, everyday tool (5/16” Allen wrench). The ease of the IBS removable floodwall installation ensures that you will achieve complete flood protection for your property in a minimal amount of time.

Advantages of the IBS Removable Floodwall

  • Aluminum posts and logs will not rust or rot
  • Quick, simple and safe installation with single tool
  • No ground frame necessary due to seal design – easy initial installation
  • Long product lifespan due to high quality of materials
  • Partial installation of logs allows for buildup of floodwall level
  • Single floodwall spans of 19.5’ can be achieved
  • Unlimited length of floodwall with use of lightweight aluminum center posts

IBS hinged flood flaps

Hinged flood flaps are the ideal solution to waterproof window openings where flooding is a continual concern. IBS flood flap is installed over windows by means of a permanent mounting on the wall and can be closed within seconds to provide a watertight flood shield. It consists of a mountable wall frame and a lockable, hinged flap covering that features a high quality gasket on the flap side to create the watertight seal. If you’re looking for a long-term flood control solution to flood-proof your windows, the IBS hinged flood flap is an ideal choice.

IBS window flood flaps are:

  • manufactured from mild steel (coated) or stainless steel (304 or 316)
  • available in standard sizes up to 39” x 39” (larger sizes upon request)
  • suitable for a flood height of up to 6’6” (larger flood heights upon request)
  • watertight when closed

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Flood Protection for driveways

IBS removable flood plates

IBS removable flood plates are another ideal option for installation over flood-prone window openings. This flood control product is manufactured in lightweight aluminum, allowing for easy removal and storage. If you are looking for watertight, temporary flood protection for your windows, the IBS flood plate is the perfect flood-proof shield.

IBS flood plates are:

  • completely removable - only fixing bearings remain in the wall for bolting in to
  • capable of creating a seal on uneven wall surfaces
  • manufactured from lightweight aluminum (optional powder coating)
  • available in standard sizes up to 39” in x 39” (larger sizes upon request)
  • suitable for a flood height of up to 6’6” (larger flood heights upon request)
  • watertight when fitted

IBS is committed to quality flood control solutions to help you protect your property from flooding

If you would like to find out more about the building protection solutions IBS has to offer for your property or business, then please contact us today at:

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